In my Philippine bureaucracy class, we discussed about the Weberian model of bureaucracy which meritocracy, profession as a career are two among the principles of this model.  Now what actually striking me about, in relation to the model is the informal appointment scheme of the executive which I am referring to President Duterte, let’s be realistic here Duterte can appoint anyone he wants or he like without any qualifications or formal processes, without the basic components of weberian model as long as that person is a fully blooded duterte. On the other hand, I am also aware that Duterte has nothing to with the appointment or reappointment because of so-called independent body composed of commission of appointment headed by the senators and representatives, it’s an agency to look into the qualifications for formality sake and to scrutinize the appointees whether that person is a yellowtards or dutertards by blood, or a mao-blooded or unknown bloc in the spectrum.  However, we cannot deny also the real fact that these bureaus or agency are rigidly attached or romanticized to the executive branch, thus, it must be a line with the Duterte’s will r else that person will suffer a lot, a clear example was Leni Robredo was kick out from the cabinet, another is Gina Lopez was rejected because of her progressive approach towards the operation of the Mining. Even Duterte would vocally tell us that we can work and develop without the help of the Mining Industry but this is not and will not going to happen. Indeed, he respects the commission on appointment about rejecting the women in principles but we also know that most of the finances during his campaign were coming from the local elites who operate the Mining.

What’s really insulting me as a citizen is the appointment of Mocha Uson in the presidential communication department because it’s really an insult to the Filipino and must be a big deal among Filipino. But heads up, it’s my right to criticize someone who is in the public service; I paid tax during the time I was employed and soon will be a tax payer again. I am registered voter and I voted during the previous National Election but just to let you know I did not vote Duterte yet showing on the figures, majority of the Filipino voted for Duterte. Of course a lot of reasons why Duterte won the elections, it might be with the populist approach or Machiavellian kind of leadership or a charismatic kind or Teddy Casino tell us that he is socialist like Hugo Chavez (c’mon). One thing for sure, Filipino believes that Durterte will bring enormous change in the system. In order to attain these platforms, Duterte should of course bring the smartest and brightest professionals who could operate and function the organization effectively and efficiently and could bring development in the economic, political and sociocultural spheres.

On the question, Is Mocha Uson qualified to the post? Well, my answer is a big NO. In my justification, I am not going to dwell with  the personalistic reasoning like asking Who is Mocha, before Durterte, her background as a sex guru, revisiting her sex blog, etc. because at the very first place, she don’t have credentials in media profession, indeed, she can write and speak. She has column page like Andanar, she has millions of followers in social media (solid DDS forever), and she can influence millions of people by just one post in the Facebook. She can be one of the best political strategists or she can run as a politician like Sotto and Manny because she is the only Mocha Uson in the Philippines. However, Filipino trying to be blind and deaf with the reality, what I am trying to stress out with reality it means logic and facts, people should deal with the thesis how did she contribute to the national unity, and development in the midst of political crisis; how did she help to propagate logical and rational discourses to increase consciousness to the Filipino, on how she contribute to the government policy and programs. Even I don’t or we don’t, Mocha Uson is now a National Government Official and she has enormous responsibility and accountability to the Filipino and Philippines as a whole.

Since she’s the girl online, I perceived, two contesting views, whether her behaviour in an online interactions create a positive input and output to system as a whole,  on the other hand, it creates harm by providing alternative information or facts based on her biases, personalistic or illogical perception. By looking into the context, the latter views are what Mocha’s behaviour in the online world, particularly in her social media interactions. Mocha is a paddler of lies and fake information, disseminating black propaganda against officials who tried to criticize Duterte, propagating fake information and facts.  What’s really alarming and harmful to this view is that people actually believe to the alternative information or few people called this “post-truth”, people are in the process of indoctrinating this information is factual and rational even this is merely based on emotions, and people are now behaving in accordance to this information especially to those people who patronize Mocha Uson. This is bad to the society in perspective because it alter the truth and eventually it cause social conflicts among interpersonal relations like it create division, apathy, and futility. But I am not saying here that she is not entitled her political views in social media because every one of us is embracing the freedom of speech. But I’m concerning about the pervasive influence of Mocha as part of government bureaucracy which should promote unity, awareness, truth, rational and logical discourses in the society.

Look what she have done to KaDSS and Dutertards they are becoming monstrous using blatant and profanity words against their enemy because Mocha is feeding and tolerating their egoistic nature. What’s really dismayed me, my colleagues and friends in social media are losing their critical minds and logical reasoning.

The appointment of Mocha is also a manifestation of an eroding and perverted political system based on the personalistic politics and political accommodation that answer to the problem why Duterte appoint Mocha, Dominguez, and Sueno and other big fishes at the very first place because of this “utang na loob” attitude. Mocha helps Duterte in the campaign in social media, Dominquez. Suelo and others funded Duterte during presidential campaign. So, Duterte appointed those Big Fishes in the cabinet secretary and Mocha is appointed as communication assistant secretary. It sucks but that’s the system we have and will always have.



Author: kadree

An EcoSocialist Marxist-Leninist with Che Guevara inked. A Freelance Activist and Writer.

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