Triumph in Organic Farming in the Philippines: A Story of Mrs. Pino in Zamboanga Del Sur

Mrs. Pino is an active member of KASAMAKA which one of the few grassroots organizations in Mindanao campaigning Organic Farming in Zamboanga Del Sur. She is very grateful by her Organization because of the learning she acquired from theory to practice about organic farming. She explained the same with other farmers she also had tragic experienced in farming by using chemicals in cultivation to the extent her husband and children acquired illness. After this bad experienced she was very dishearten by the decreasing harvest, affecting family’s health and the income situation had become so hopeless.

But then again Mrs. Pino’s determination and interest in learning new method in farming resonates to a positive outcome in her life as a farmer. At first, she have doubtful in applying organic farming in her cultivation however after she joined one of the seminars and series of discussions about organic farming in Balongatin, Zamboanga Del Sur organized by CONZARRD and KASAMAKA her hesitation in organic farming was eventually die out by learning all those great inputs and demo. She begins applying organic farming with her ¼ hectares and she was surprised by the results, her cultivation costs were reduced, the soil’s fertility on my farm has improved and my income has increased.

After using organic farming for four years, Mrs. Pino already has 2 Hectares of land. While she is very active in her cultivation, she was also very consistent in gaining new information about organic farming with the help of her Organization. Because of this, she tried to develop vermi cast. She explained, they started from two (2) sacks and right now our construction is going because we are hoping, two months from now we are going to harvest 300 sacks of vermin cast with that result they could also give vermin cast to their interested neighbors. Aside from vermin cast, they also develop vegetable sources and waste of duck.

Through their consistent efforts and initiatives in organic farming, one of the government agencies in zamboanga del sur came to visit and saw the appealing model farm, with that, they decided to support by giving farm machineries and they also gave 12kgs of African night crawler which they added up to the reproduction. Last year, they also join in provincial competition as recommended by the municipal agriculturist on organic farm display and fortunately, they won the competition.

Aside from being an active member of KASAMAKA, she is also a president in commune irrigation system in their community which an add-on to her advocacy to encourage her constituents in organic farming. Recently, the government of zamboanga del sur turn over the rehabilitation dam which cost 7.5 million. The irrigation will help the 80 hectares in Dagohoy and Guipos zamboanga del sur.

The KASAMAKA and CONZARRD are committed to give seminar and training to all interested farmers in Zamboanga Del Sur. They continuously encourage farmers to apply organic farming as one of alternative mechanism to combat climate change instead of using chemical fertilizer that certainly harms the environment and people’s health.

She added, considering that there are farmers are always hesitant is using organic farming because of the meticulous processes and expensiveness but we want stress out instead of purc

hasing vermin cast or natural pest repellents, we could maximize other means such as African night crawler, foliar fertilizer, waste of animals or any organic manures made from locally available resources. Through this, it will reduce your expenditure in cultivation.

Recently, the average of last cropping was 120 sacks per hectare and 70kgs per sack. It really indicates positive outcome through the use of organic farming.

Moreover, aside from raw to production processes they also engage in income generating programs by marketing their products (e.g., rice, atsal, etc.).

Mrs. Pino’s story is one of the vivid manifestations of triumph experience to all farmers and climate advocate, believing that the organic farming is an alternative solution to attain sustainable development and response to the climate change.


Author: kadree

An EcoSocialist Marxist-Leninist with Che Guevara inked. A Freelance Activist and Writer.

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