Organic Farming in Mindanao: A Case of Mr. Boncale.

Boncale’s Determination, persistence, learning and his belief in organic farming were the basis of his success as a humble farmer in his community.

The drastic shift of mode of production in the society affects the very existence of every human being. It affects the relations, outlooks and practices of the people, particularly, the experienced of every farmers in the Philippines in which traditional method of farming are eventually vanishing from their practices because of the new approaches and method instilled by media, private corporations and government.

However, even this is actually happening at the ground level, there are still optimistic farmers that continuously believe in organic farming- just like one of the farmers in Zamboanga Del Sur, Mr. Boncale who consistently perform natural farming in his 2 hectares of land. He shared that learning the strategy and method of organic farming (such as foliar fertilizer and botanical spray) was the best information he got after experiencing failure in farming by using chemical fertilizer. From this bad experienced, Mr. Boncale shows determination by asking information and attending seminars regarding organic farming where he could gain essential knowledge.

According to the information he gained, organic farming can be defined as simple farming, no need for chemical fertilizers as well as pesticides and could really help to our ecosystem. It just like going to the basic agriculture. Also, Organic farming is the response to conventional farming where crops are often sprayed with chemicals that may cause some serious health conditions for farmers and consumers. That’s the main reason why he opted to learn and practice organic farming because of great result not just for myself and family but as well as helping our environment.

A part from experiences and information in organic farming he told us being a farmer, they really need capital to start with the cultivation and production especially when you have 2 or more hectares of land. He added, it’s really important when you have both capital and knowledge and skills in organic farming where you can yield 70% and eventually will reach to 90% per hectares. And last year, Mr. Boncale yielded a total of 124 sacks and 60kg per sack from his 1.5 hectares by consistently use botanical spray and organic fertilizer made locally from available resource. It shows a really great result from his determination and belief in organic farming and creating an enormous impact to all farmers who are still engaging in chemical for their cultivation and rejecting organic farming.

Mr. Boncale also consider that there are a lot of critics saying that organic farming cannot provide the same high yields as chemical farming, He argue that at least their land is safe; that they have not invested in buying the chemicals and increasing their cost of cultivation. If you look at the recklessness by most farmers nowadays, then you will understand that all those farmers who committed suicides have built up huge debts.

The debts kept growing because of borrowing at high interest rates for buying these chemicals which promised to increase the yield. In the end, it only increased their debts, he explains.


Author: kadree

An EcoSocialist Marxist-Leninist with Che Guevara inked. A Freelance Activist and Writer.

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