Marcos is no Hero.

This is the continuous clamor and protest of the various movements who are against to buried Former Dictator Ferdinand Marcos at Libingan ng mga Bayani. However today, the voting9-5 gives the Supreme Court go-signal for the internment of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani. The High Tribunal allowed and qualified Former President Marcos based on the regulations of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and he’s been part of the brave young soldier who fought during World War II. SC argued that Ferdinand Marcos was never convicted of any crime involving moral depravity and has not been dishonorably discharged from active military service. And also, there is no direct law that prohibited the burial of Ferdinand Marcos in the LNMB.

Granting without conceding the fact that he is a soldier, the Liga ng Makabagong Kabataan- MSU Marawi condemned the ruling of the High Court along with other collective moments. This is the greatest failure of the judicial system and Philippine History to honor the Fascist and Dictator who committed atrocities, the rampant extra judicial killings and tons Human Rights Violations, putting the Philippine into a great debt, and giving the first stain to the so called “Democracy”.

The shameful move to bury the former dictator at the Libingan ng mga Bayani is a huge slap in the face of thousands of Martial Law survivors and individual who killed and experience the abuses to the rule of Dictator.  It will be a great injustice to the countless victims of Human Rights violations who are still disappeared or are left in unmarked tombs.

Its a huge slap to the Philippine to buried the Dictator who robbed and stole the money of Filipinos to have ill-gotten wealth that until now Martial Law victims are still waiting for the reparation and this ruling will only demoralize and undermine existing laws such as Human Rights and Reparation Act of 2013 that provides the legal and moral grounds in granting the full and effective reparation to the martial law victims. This also put the Philippines into a great debt which according to Ibon Foundation, Filipinos taxpayers will be paying this debt until 2025, 39 years after Marcos was outed from office.

It also shameful to the historical revisionism committed by the Marcoses and their apologists who wanted to alter the History and denying Filipino to the true lessons of history where crimes and atrocities were committed by the head of the state.

The ruling of judicial system is another manifestation of social inequality and injustices that boil down to the class conflict that gives favor to the ruling elites in the expense of the toiling masses.

Now, the Philippines are in the midst of eventually vanishing the narrative of Martial Law in history and the symbolic actions of the masses during the time of People’s Power and much worrying the millennials are in coma and believing that Ferdinand Marcos is a true great hero.

In unison, with other collective movements in the Philippines in indignation against  the ruling of the high court, we will partake the petition for motion for reconsideration in Marcos Burial in Libingan ng mga Bayani; we demand to the authority for true justice to the victims and survivors of Dictatorship; we demand to respect the true history of the Philippines; we demand to the policymakers to create a bill in integrating the narrative of Martial Law in  secondary level and Higher Education in explaining to the Filipinos especially millennials why shouldn’t allow the loss of freedoms to happen again.; And we demand for faster reparation to the victims of martial law.

The 9-5 ruling, will not give justice to the victims and survivors of Martial Law instead, it will vanish the name of the true hero’s individuals who resisted and sacrifice for freedom.

Despite of the outrageous ruling of the SC, we the Liga ng Makabagong Kabataan MSU Marawi always remind young people: “If not us, then who? If not now, the when?

Marcos is No Hero.



Author: kadree

An EcoSocialist Marxist-Leninist with Che Guevara inked. A Freelance Activist and Writer.

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