The other State of the Nation Address: The Multisectoral opinions

Last June 28 President Benigno III Aquino delivered his 5th State of the Nation Address (SONA).

The SONA was annually presented by the President discussing the rhetoric reform, recent developments, projects, plans and etc. And this is a moment to regain the trust of his “boss” (the people) after declining the public trust shown by Pulse survey.

Since he was elected as President of the Republic of the Philippines I’ve always been subjected and hesitant to his administration even though it has indeed put forward some remarkable changes in the bureaucracy; I believed that it wasn’t felt by the majority poor Filipinos but even worsen the marginalization and oppression. We all know during the Presidential candidacy way back 2010, he never announced that he would run as president, he never gave any sign but after his mother died it gave opportunity to his uncle to push him to run and it followed that every Filipinos want him to run. It was the 2010 landslide victory that gave opportunity to ruling elites to preserve and maintain their power in the political system.

The Philippine engagement in the international level was one of his top priorities; government will be able to borrow funds for program and projects at lower interest rates. It assumed to open more businesses and foreign investors will be attracted to the Philippine and Filipinos will be able to feel benefits. Another is the International Civil Aviation Organization lifted the significant safety concerns, this was followed by the European Union (EU) lifting ban on Philippine Airlines, allowing it to fly once again to Europe and US Federal Aviation Administration was also. It means the increase of local airlines to the US and Europe is design for tourism and business. PNoy also highlighted the successful of the Philippines to be host of World Economic Forum and was attended by US president Obama. Lastly, he was also proud to tell that our country will be hosting APEC next year.

However the remarkable developments was a correspond to the so called neo liberal policy, since the Philippines singed to be part in so called globalization, it is essential to open the sovereignty for exploitation and accumulation by the Multinational Corporations, transnational enterprises, and imperialist state and this would mean that Philippine will now invest in the Global market. Thus, the development and underdevelopment are thus two side of the same coin with the development of the industrialized countries is product of the underdevelopment of the poor countries. It imply that the Philippines remained dependent, on the already developed countries (US) and often victims of global forces (MNC’s, military intervention) which the Philippines is remained powerless, exploited and developing. The investment of the developing country like Philippine to the international organizations is designed and conditioned by the global forces. Additionally, the openness of the Philippines in the Globalization will undermine the domestic policy and resources that would threaten the natural resources and way of life of the Filipinos. PNOY had overwhelmingly glorify the positive response of the international community without considering the people’s welfare.

In the education, the k+12 is one of its agenda in his speech, contrary to this policy is the existing situation in the public schools the overlapping of the students because of no rooms, lack of facilities and teachers. Also, the abandonment of the public university and colleges because of the budget cut which lead to the commercialization and privatization. The aspiration of the youth to access tertiary is no longer right but a privilege those who haves and can afford high tuition fee. Their welfare and rights as human is no longer accessible in the status quo. Even CHED had approved the mandatory to increase the tuition fee in all levels of education; it only means that education is no longer free.

In the peace process in Mindanao, the fast track negotiation of the GPH and MILF lead to the signed of Comprehensive Agreement of the Bangsamoro (CAB) and earning positive economic indicators and with the overwhelming support of the international community. In the new documents there are changes in the wealth sharing which is alarming for the bangsamoro. For example the participation of other countries like Japan, US, and Europe, if I would try to analyze it the government are giving opportunity to the foreign countries to operate the MNC’s and monopolize the natural resources of bangsamoro area or in the Mindanao as a whole. Another is PNOY is using this peace talks to popularize his administration, we all know that every administration has own version in the peace process and make the Bangsamoro believe.

The struggle of the Indigenous people rights for inclusivity in the bangsamoro basic law (BBL) should be consider by the Aquino’s administration. However, no response coming from the administration.

The modernization of the Armed forces of the Philippines is one of his top priorities, purchasing weaponry, armaments and helicopter. That’s why there issues on budget cut in the education and other government agencies because of his aspiration (PNOY) to have caliber in the defense. Another is the Enhance Defense cooperation agreement (EDCA) it is a treaty of the Philippines to the Imperialist US to develop and equip the Filipino soldiers, in condition that US Force will establish their own base. This protocol is somewhat alarming in the national security of the Philippines because it will create tension to other neighboring countries like china.

In the agriculture, last June 30 is the end of CARPER, but until now there are numbers of peasants who haven’t received their land. This program should be modifying into more genuine land reform.

And never mentioned about Freedom of Information bill (FOI) (He is the author) that will ensure the integrity, transparency, and accountability of his administration. However, the Supreme Court was already declare that DAP is unconstitutional because of malversation of funds.

He talked about good governance, improvements, infrastructure, social service, calamity effort, international engagement, modernization, peace and order and rhetoric change. He always give his political evaluation on the huge differences of his administration comparing to past administrations, PNoy always insisted the blatant anomalies of the past administration (I’m talking about PGMA) without evaluating that his administration is doing the same.


Author: kadree

An EcoSocialist Marxist-Leninist with Che Guevara inked. A Freelance Activist and Writer.

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