Points of an MSUan

First off, the Mindanao State University as an academic institution is not a battle arena and its students are not human shield to the on-going conflict between the military and the unknown group inside the campus. We don’t have bulletproof vests to protect our bodies. We are just students in the university and mere civilians in Marawi City. We came here for specific reasons: to be educated and to finish our degrees. We came here to learn, we came here with pens and books.
Second, the media can destroy or build a society. In this kind of situation, the media has to be extra careful on bringing forth news to the mainstream public. They can save or exacerbate the situation.
Third point, to the administration, we can’t feel your presence as higher authority in the campus, we can’t see your work and action in the conflict, we can’t hear your clear voice as administration. You owe us. You must do your part and put that in action. You have an enormous task in protecting the welfare of the students and to secure that the campus is not in danger. You’re not doing your duties and obligation as higher authority. You give us no assurance; you give us no security measure in keeping us safe after the conflict. We want factual and clear statement coming from you and we want you to be transparent if you want to be trusted. This is not only the struggle for the military and the unknown group for the Muslims and Christians but this is struggle of all. Now, we are facing this high risk on security of the student and you can easily said MSU is secure; nothing to worry; everything is under control and back to normal state. We are not dumb “ginagawa niyo kaming bobo!” We know that there’s something your administration is hiding. Please don’t give us lies; we want factual and apparent statement. Let’s be genuine to the student and to the condition of the MSU today. MSU is no longer safe for the student. What happened last week is not yet the end of the story. There still a lot more to expect. “Hindi na kayo magtataka kung liliit ang papulasyun mga estudyante at hindi kami bobo, SCHOLAR KAMI”!
Fourth point; based on the Republic Act 7610, we’ll see a problem with the presence of military inside the campus. Ideally, they are obliged to protect us but what’s happening is the opposite of it. Your mission is to protect and defend the people. But in the context of MSU you are giving the student a concrete reason to be afraid.
Fifth point, to the unknown group inside the campus, we are begging to get you out in the campus, if there’s still humanity in you! You’re making the student afraid. We have laws to abide and follow, don’t make your own laws. “ Huwag kayong mag hasik ng lagim dito sa campus”.
Last point, we somehow are all a victim of the text messages being disseminated, messages that are containing false information, at that. But questions are, can we actually blame them? Or did they really mean to do it? Does the competent authority don’t deserve a part of the blame, anyway? Take note: students are already afraid, have a little knowledge of the situation because the administration is not releasing a statement on the very first place. Students then would disseminate messages merely on how they see it, on how they perceive it. Please be safe and vigilant, we are in the middle of confrontation. “ Wag lang tayong mag bulag bulagan at mag bingi bingihan sa mga nangayayaring hindi kananais. Saksi at mulat tayo sa mga pangyayari sa loob ng kampus. Huwag nating hayaan mawala ang edukasyun na ibinibigay ng Universidad at huwag nating hayaan manalo ang kasakiman. Huwag nating kalimutan ang karapatan at boses nating mga estudyante.” IPAGLABAN, KUMILOS AT MANINDIGAN!
Moreover, the student of Mindanao State University Main Campus is aiming for PEACE and ORDER in the campus. #


Author: kadree

An EcoSocialist Marxist-Leninist with Che Guevara inked. A Freelance Activist and Writer.

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