Mental Colonization among Students by Tayang Maglinao (NEWSTORM)

Education has been a great tool in capacitating the minds to react on certain conditions that aggravate the situation of the people. It opens up a venue where one could actually exhaust the minds to see different perspectives and widen horizons of countless possibilities-for social and political aspect. This has been the inspiration of countless young people who had drawn inspiration upon learning in school the meaning of life, living and survival. They might have learned the theories in the different educational facilities, but their theories had actually been reinforced by the material conditions that are existing and being felt during their time. That is why Noli Mi Tangere, and El Filibusterismo was written and the Katipunan was established. Because of the bold and daring young people who did not limit their education only in the four corners of their classrooms, and instead expanded it to the more comprehensive University – the University of Life.

As time is being folded by countless historic incidents, the enemies of the mass had learned that the love for revolution and societal change is still very well carved in the hearts of the young patriots. They have created mechanisms to curb this sense of nationalism – and that is through the same medium that taught these young people about life – through education. The American colonizers learned lessons from the mistakes of the Spanish colonizers that is why they have crafted and educational curriculum that would little by little erase the sense of nationalism among young people. And up to this point in time, this mechanism has been effective. This is actually a mask to project that the Americans are concern solely to educate the Filipino people but the truth is, they wanted to create and establish mental colonization among the Filipino.

Moreover, the effects of globalization further intensify the grand plan of continuing control over the Filipino people and even develop into worse and sub-humane control to serve the capitalists’ wants. The present educational system is a sort of level up manipulations. It had disguised itself well that if not in a closer examination and skeptical observation one couldn’t understand and relate. And worse, it became the only way to ease out the unlikely conditions of the majority population – poverty. In effect, the educational system of the Philippines had been designed to engage the young people to become labor “slaves” or forces addressing the needs of the capitalists. We therefore became commodities and subjects to the global markets. Philippines as a third world country is a very ideal market for labor force.

Because of poverty, corruption, and structural violence we became easy preys. It is unfortunate that some of the most remarkable part of our history had been forgotten or intended to be forgotten. A part of our being had been stolen. And if failed to be restored, we would then be like puppets existing  just to be controlled – the mere reason why some of our forefathers fought for. We have to emancipate ourselves from this kind of slavery – this mental colonization that has been institutionalized in our educational system. #


Author: kadree

An EcoSocialist Marxist-Leninist with Che Guevara inked. A Freelance Activist and Writer.

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