God Bless RH Bill

Reproductive Health Bill is perhaps the most daring and talked about bill this generation has witnessed. It roused interest that transcended across races and classes. Quite expectedly, there is a strong pro- and anti-RH camp and each does everything to put the other side down. The bill was at best optimally crucial because it challenges individual’s psychology and beliefs about morality of which they have to defend. Albeit I don’t actively voice out my stand, don’t participate to the pro-RH movement, or don’t even wear purple for that matter – I form part of their advocacy.

I grew from a conservative and religious family. It wasn’t easy to depart from that ideal but the conditions I see in my immediate community merits the passage of the bill. I see former female classmates in high school who are now pregnant. This somehow is reflective of what’s in the society. Population is not decreasing but instead has overwhelmingly ballooned for few years. And this I believe poses much threat for early or teen pregnancies contribute significantly to our more than 90 million population. In addition are the rapidly growing cases of sex-related diseases which also affect the youth sector. These are just few manifestations (and bases, in a way) that explain how uneducated we Filipinos are in terms of Reproductive Health. In addressing these issues which I consider as threats, I strongly agree that RH bill is one of the effective solutions.

Though I haven’t read the bill at length, I believe it put forward options. It respects families or couples to choose whether they’ll natural or the artificial birth control methods. It even respects those who won’t use either of the following methods. This means that this operates in the parameters of democracy for it allows varied perceptions about this matter as there is the absence of penalty and other forms of sanctions to those who put contraception in neglect. But it doesn’t mean that it defeats the mitigation of our populations (which I believe to be the primary objective of RHB). The tidal wave of public opinion denotes support for the passage of the bill. The decrease of population I believe is one of the factors necessary to attain economic growth as well as decreases in the overwhelming unemployment and underemployment rates. Less population means more accessibility to jobs and better standard of living of the families who are now known to be living below poverty line.

I am also lucky to be a part of DUYOG Tri-People Youth Organization that discusses the salient points about RH Bill. I was enlightened about how this somehow benefits the youth sector. The mere presence of teen pregnancies, early fatherhood, etc., denotes that there are youths who have loose grips of their future. Threats on HIV AIDS also target the youth sector (particularly the LGBT youths) as far as the current statistics is concerned. This is somehow submitted to the lax educating capacitation about our reproductive health. Sexuality education is therefore necessary. 

It is far unimaginable for me why despite all the benefits the bill serves, protestations from the Church seemed endless. I understood that this challenges their very dogma but I believe it cannot address the present realities. 

Reproductive Health Bill should fly. #


Author: kadree

An EcoSocialist Marxist-Leninist with Che Guevara inked. A Freelance Activist and Writer.

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